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Welcome & Important information



Tuesday 1st September


Friday 17th July - letter from Halton Borough Council can be found in the letters section! 

Friday 17th July


Dear Parents/Carers,


It seems unbelievable that we have come to the end of this academic year already. This has been such a difficult year for us all and we have faced, and continue to face, challenges which we would never have dreamed possible back in September. I think this must certainly be one of the most momentous times in this school’s history and hopefully, something we will never have to repeat.

Our children have had such a disrupted year. Many of them have really tried their hardest to keep up with their work and we are very proud of them. I know that some of them are still finding the situation very traumatising and we will be doing all we can to help them when they come back. All of them face new challenges as they begin the process of catching up with missed time next term. Please try to encourage your child to complete the summer holiday pack provided by school so that they find readjusting to school easier in September. 

To our Year 6 children we wish the very best of luck as they start their secondary school adventure. We are so proud of them all and know that they will be great little ambassadors for our school. We look forward to inviting them back in the, hopefully not too distant, future for their Leaving Celebration. 

I must also thank all of you for the support and best wishes that you have given to all the staff during the lockdown. It has really kept them going. We know what an amazing job you have done with supporting the distance learning, often whilst working yourselves, and appreciate all you have done to help the children.

Finally I must thank the staff, whatever their role in school, for the courage and dedication they have shown over the last seventeen weeks. The unceasing concern they have shown for the children and yourselves whilst still facing their personal anxieties for their own families has been remarkable. It is a privilege to work with them.

We still have challenging times ahead of us, not least us all arriving at the right times, but this is a school that works together and we will continue to do so. We will get through this!

I wish you all a great summer with your children. Have fun and keep yourselves safe!


Best wishes,


Mrs Boyden

Friday 10th July


Dear Parents/Carers,

As you will have heard on the media, it will be mandatory for all children to return to school in September with the exclusion of children with serious medical issues who will have been informed by their doctor. Social distancing measures are expected to still be in place when the children return, so this will cause some major changes to our school days.

You will all be receiving a letter in the coming weeks to inform you of the procedures that all of us will be expected to adhere to. This will include start and finish times which will be different for all classes. It is essential that everyone sticks to these times in order for us to keep the year group bubbles separate and the children, staff and families safe.

I appreciate that this may cause disruption, especially for working parents but we have to follow the government guidelines.

Parents of new Reception starters will also receive information and will be contacted by Mrs Crofts next week.

Summer work packs have been prepared by the class teachers and may be picked up from the school entrance along with any end of year reports which have not yet been collected.

Food vouchers for the summer holidays have been ordered for those children on our list and should be with you shortly. In families with more than one child, the order will come for one child but will be sufficient for all.

School opens for the Autumn term on Thursday 3rd September. In the meantime, please keep a look out for the letter arriving and make sure that you familiarise yourselves and the children with the new arrangements, particularly the start/finish times.

I hope you have a lovely summer with your children,


Mrs Boyden




This is an updated version of the initial posted letter. You will see that the addition of the Year 6 picnic has been removed. This is due to the fact that this is classed as a 'mass gathering' and is not permitted on our school site. Please ensure that we haven't given up on finding a way for the Year 6 children to have closure.

Staffing for September is as follows;

Reception - Mrs Crofts

Year 1 - Mrs Williams & Miss Fleming

Year 2 - Mrs Cho

Year 3 - Mr Gaskell

Year 4 - Mrs Westbrook

Year 5 - Mrs Davies & Mrs Davison

Year 6 - Mrs Hughes.

A welcome video is provided on your child's September year group page.

Friday 3rd July

Dear Parents/Carers,

After consultation with our local authority and Chair of Governors, it has been decided that school will close for the summer on Friday 17th July.

This decision has been taken due to the government guidelines which were released yesterday for the re-opening of schools in September to all year groups. This, as I’m sure you can imagine, is going to create a great deal of work in rearranging the school to the new social distancing requirements, effecting risk assessments and planning for what will be a far from usual start to the new term. Owing to repair/maintenance works planned over the holiday, it is necessary for us to complete this work before staff finish for the summer on the 22nd July.

I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for our keyworkers, but I know that you are all aware of how quickly circumstances are changing and I hope that you understand why this decision, which has also been taken by other schools throughout Halton, has had to be made.

Meal vouchers for the summer holidays will be ordered by Friday 10th July. If you think that your child is eligible and is not already receiving the vouchers, please contact the school as soon as possible.

The teachers have all recorded a short message to introduce themselves to their new classes. Please look on your child’s September Class Blog page on our school website to meet their new teacher!

Thank you for your support at this difficult time,

Mrs Boyden

Friday 26th June


For your information

Individual End of year school reports are now available to be collected from the main entrance. 

Please remember to follow social distancing rules, should you collect during a busy period. 

School will be open for report collection until 2:30pm today. 

Reports are able to be collected between the hours of 9:45am - 2:30pm daily. 

Thursday 11th June

Dear Parents/Carers.
I wrote last week to inform you that our Governors were not happy with the R rate in Halton and were not prepared to put children and staff at any risk. You will probably have seen on the media that this sentiment was echoed throughout the North West as many other councils also delayed the re-opening of their schools.
Our Governing Body reconvened yesterday to monitor the situation. We had hoped to re-open to Reception and Year 1 this coming Monday (15th) but as there has been no further data released regarding the R number locally, the closure to all but children of Key workers and those classed as vulnerable will remain in place. Again, this has been a very difficult decision to make as all the staff are eager for the children to return and for us all to regain normality. We, along with all colleagues in Halton, are monitoring this very closely and we will contact those parents who have chosen to return their children to school as soon as we are able to safely re-open.
I appreciate that there are some very confusing messages coming out from central government at the moment, and many decisions seem to be based on national rather than regional data which leaves us in Halton very vulnerable. I hope you appreciate that as school leaders, our consideration is entirely focussed on the safety and well-being of our children, our families and our staff.
Please continue to exercise caution during this period of transition,

Take care,
Mrs Boyden



Friday 22nd May


Dear Parents and Carers,


Incredibly we are at half term already. It seems so strange that some of the time seems to pass so slowly and the rest of it is whizzing by! I hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe.  The school will be closed next week for half term but if any of you need anything, please feel free to email me and I will reply when I can.


As you will have seen on the letter from Halton, Halton schools are working towards re-opening on the 8th June rather than June 1st     for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year6. We are currently working with our Governors and Halton to establish a plan for the safe return of children. When this has been agreed, parents of those year groups will be notified by letter, probably sometime after the end of next week. I should inform you at this point, that it will not be possible for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 to all return to school initially,  due to restrictions on space and numbers. Reception children will be prioritised, then Year 1 and finally Year 6 in accordance with Government directives. We will phase the year groups back to school if we are able as the term progresses.


Siblings in other year groups will not be able to return to school in the present circumstances.


Vulnerable children and those of Key worker parents (the children already in school) will return to school on the 1st June as usual.


When the children do return to school they will have to get used to new routines and expectations, new classrooms and probably different teachers. There will be different start and finish times for each group which we will need parents to adhere strictly to, and school will finish at lunchtimes on Fridays for all except the children of key workers and vulnerable children, to allow deep cleaning of the classrooms. Finishing at lunchtime will also allow the teachers planning and preparation time as they will also be maintaining the online provision for the year groups not returning to school. Normally this time is covered throughout the school week by other members of staff but the government guidelines do not allow for this to happen as we have to limit contact.


We will continue to update you as we hear more and parents of Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be contacted by letter with more specific information as soon as we can.


We are about to enter a new phase for our school which is understandably conflicting for you as parents. Please be assured of our support if you need any help or advice. The safety of the children and the staff, and their families, remain our most important priority. Please maintain strict social distancing at this time to help us achieve this.


Enjoy the half term break with your children,

Be brave and be kind,


Mrs Boyden




15th May - Letter added to whole school letters section regarding Covid - 19 update from Halton Borough Council

11th May


Dear Parents/Carers,


I am writing to you following the government announcement last night about the gradual easing of the lockdown restrictions and the possible reopening of primary schools for certain year groups from 1st June. At the moment I have no more information than was released in the statement from Boris Johnson last night. There is a lot of uncertainty about whether schools will be able to open and also about how school will be able to function  in these new circumstances. I’m sure you will have a lot of questions as I know all school leaders do.


Over the coming days, I will be waiting for clear guidance from the Department for Education as to how we can implement a phased return in a safe manner. Once we have received this we will be liaising with the LA, other Head teachers, staff and governors to put together a plan. This will take some time so please be patient as we work towards a solution for us all to return safely. School will only be able to open safely when we have everything in place that ensures that both staff and parents feel confident that we can keep all members of the school community safe. We shall have to consider arrival and departure times for groups of children, group sizes in classrooms, movement around the school, playtimes and meal times, etc., as well as how to manage children who have experienced so much change and trauma. In addition, we shall have to maintain online learning for those year groups that will be at home for the foreseeable future.


In the meantime, for the remainder of this half term, the school will continue with the vast majority of children remaining at home, whilst the school will remain open for the children of key workers who cannot be safely cared for at home.


I will of course keep you up dated with any news and any further plans which emerge over the next couple of weeks. Please maintain all social distancing measure as this will be vital for the safe return of all children in the coming weeks.


Thank you for your patience and continuing support for your children


Take care,


Mrs Boyden

24/04 - Week 5 Letter from Mrs Boyden on Facebook and Whole School Letters section of the website


Dear Parents/Carers,


I hope you had a lovely Easter with your families and that you are all keeping well. It seems very strange that the summer term has started without the children being in.


The staff are now posting work up for the children to do to keep their skills fresh. I just wish to reassure you all that you are doing a great job keeping them engaged to some degree with their school work and that even if only a little of the work set is achieved each day, you are still helping them for when they return to school.  The work set is revision and should be familiar to the children so a little and often will be fine. We know that sometimes it is difficult to engage the children and for those of you with children in more than one class, it can be daunting, so please don’t be anxious if you cannot achieve all of the work each day. We are grateful for what you can manage but we also want everyone to come out of this happy and healthy at the end!


Take care of yourselves and remember we are all here to help you however we can,


Mrs Boyden


3/04 - Week 2 Letter from Mrs Boyden on Facebook and Whole School Letters section of the website

27/3 - Week 1 Letter from Mrs Boyden on Facebook and Whole School Letters section of the website

26/03 - Parents/Carers,

We hope that the first week of school closures is going OK and that you are all well. The staff have been working endlessly to ensure that you are all fully supported at home with your child’s learning.

We have been overwhelmed with the response from our children and the standard of work completed. This goes to show how special the children of All Saints Upton really are.

Just a reminder that work is posted daily either on Seesaw or via class blogs on our website page for your child’s class.

Remember, this is an unprecedented emergency situation which is impacting the whole world. You are doing a fantastic job ensuring your child is happy during this time. There is no expectation for work to be completed throughout the whole day.

Enjoy spending time together, play outside in the garden, but most of all, remember to smile.

20/03 - Key Worker Letter given to specific parents issued.. Letter added to the school website

20/03 - Guidance for Free School Meals added to the school website and Facebook page

20/03 - Official Halton Letter released. Letter can be found on Facebook and Webite

19/03 - We are still currently awaiting guidance on Key workers, Vulnerable children and Free school meals and will update you as soon we know more. 

19/03 - Good morning! For those children that are currently off school, work packs including logins will be made avaliable from 1:30pm - 3pm. If you could come to the door that we use for assemblies, your pack will be handed directly to you. If you are self isolating with symptoms, please ensure that someone else comes on your behalf. Please share this information with other parents. Thankyou

18/03 - Dear Parents & Carers, you will have heard the news this evening that schools are now closing for all children except those of key workers and certain groups of vulnerable children. We can therefore confirm that All Saints Uptonn will be closed at the end of the school day on Friday 20th March until further notice, except for chidlren of parents who are key workers and vulnerable children. Parents of children in the vulnerable group will be identified and contacted by the school tomorrow.

Following the rencet changes made by the governement regarding school closures, we need to determine which parents are key workers. If you feel your job falls into this catergory, please email your child's name, your job title and employers name to the following address;


Please do this by 1pm on Thursday 19th March.We will then contact you to discuss this further.

Thank you once again for your continued support during this difficult time.

Mrs Boyden

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