Governor Skills Audit 2018

Governor Skills Audit 2018

Analysis of Audit.

The skills audit was completed at the end of the summer term 2018 using the NGA “Governing Board Skills Audit” questionnaire.

It should be noted that the NGA state  their competency framework which informs ASU’s skills audit :

“… should be used to provide clarification of government expectations rather than as a prescribed checklist… Governing boards are best placed themselves to individually assess which areas outlined in the framework are most important for them …No individual is going to have all the skills listed in the audit. The governing board is a team, and the purpose of the audit is to ensure  that each skill is covered by at least one of the governors around the table.

Strategic Leadership:

In Strategic leadership the governing body has commitment and high levels of confidence in most areas. The two areas where we lack expertise are:

Experience and confidence in “being a governor at another school” and in “charity law governance”.


There are seven areas out of the sixteen detailed in the questionnaire where confidence levels  could be addressed:

  • Only 3/6 governors have confidence in “curriculum development assessment and progress and attainment”

This is now being addressed by incorporating a governor to attend “strategy meetings” once a month with the HT and SLT. In addition those governors lacking in confidence in this area are invited to attend the governors’ courses in Halton.

  • “financial management expertise with experience of funding allocation /budget” is another area we need to boost. 3/6 had no experience of this. The possibility of a governor to attend budget meetings with the HT may help with the addition of further training in this area.
  • 2/6 governors had no experience of “HR policies including employment legislation, recruitment, performance management and pay” and “HR policy and processes” this could be addressed by further training.
  • 4/6 governors had no experience of “change management (overseeing a merger or an organisational restructure)
  •  2/6 governors will need training in” preparing for and responding to external oversight”


There were high confidence/experience levels in all areas.


There were high confidence/experience levels in all areas.


There were high confidence/experience levels in all areas.


There were high confidence/experience levels in all areas.