Psalm 19:1 “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands.”


Our intent in art is to:

  • Find enjoyment in creative art and see themselves as artists;
  • Find a sense of purpose, achievement and fulfilment in artistic expression;
  • Appreciate and evaluate the work of a range of artists from their own and other cultures;
  • Develop our drawing, painting, collage and lots of other skills.



We will implement our intent by:

Throughout the school, art is taught for 3 half terms per year, with between 4 and 6 lessons being delivered during each half term. All classes, from reception to year 6 follow the KAPOW scheme.

We take part in the HPAN (Halton Primary Arts Network) exhibition every year where the whole school gets to produce some high quality art/ DT work to proudly display in Shopping City, Runcorn.



We teach art and DT to all children, whatever their ability as art and DT forms part of the school curriculum to provide a broad and balanced education to all children. Through our art and DT teaching we provide learning opportunities that enable all pupils to make progress. We do this by setting suitable learning challenges and responding to each child’s different needs. Some children with SEND, for example, may need additional support. Some examples of this may be working with the teaching assistant or teacher, adapted resources, extensions in work or using technology.

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