We believe that Physical Education, experienced in a safe and cooperative environment, is vital in its contribution to a pupils’ physical and emotional development, as well as health and well being.

The physical education curriculum aims to provide for pupils’ increasing self confidence through an ability to manage themselves successfully in different situations. Our children take part in a balance of individual, team, co-operative and competitive activities aims to cater for individual pupil’s needs and abilities. Pupils will develop a sense of fair play, respect and sportsmanship through our high quality teaching and learning of physical development in all key stages.

We ensure that every child receives 2 hours of high-quality PE and sport, within the curriculum, as well as extra-curricular sports activities which are on offer to Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils through our different external coaches and organisations. 

Swimming takes place in Years 3 and 5 with any children needing any extra support in Year 6 also having access to this.


After School Extra Curricular Activities:

Monday:  KS2 Judo/Archery/Fencing Club

Thursday: KS1 Multi Sports Club

Friday: KS2 Football Club, KS2 Multi Sports Club

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