Welcome to Music at All Saints Upton

'My heart, O God, is steadfast, my heart is steadfast, I will sing and make music' Psalms 57:7


We love music at All Saints Upton CE Primary School! Whether we are singing, dancing or playing an instrument we enjoy taking part and being creative.

We use the 'Charanga' scheme through each year group to introduce our children to a wide range of musical styles and develop their technical skills and musical vocabulary.

Children begin learning how to play the guitar in Year 4. For one term each year, pupils in Year 4, 5 and 6 have weekly guitar lessons with a peripatetic teacher. Each term, we aim to end with a celebration of the children's achievements in the form of a concert for parents and carers.

Outside of the classroom, children are still immersed in an array of musical activities and events.



In Autumn, our KS2 choir had the opportunity to sing to the wider community and share our festive songs.

In Spring, our KS1 children will be taking part in Halton's Infant Music Festival.


It is not only the 'choir' who get the opportunity to perform. Our annual 'Music Day' is a fun way for each class to learn about music from around the world and perform to the whole school.

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