Our Vision and Values

'Let all that you do be done in love.' 1 Corinthians 16:14

By our faith and trust in the love of God, we aim to provide a school for our community where everyone experiences the joy of learning, peace in their hearts and hope for the future.

Our Values are:


LOVE - Our overriding value. If we act in love towards others then we will all feel valued and achieve.


At All Saints Upton, we want our community always to be positive and aspirational, to think of what they can achieve, and to have the faith to believe that they can do all that they want in life.


Life can be difficult at times. We aim to develop resilience and help our community to see that by keeping going, even in the face of adversity, we can achieve our aims.


We need to follow the example of Jesus and forgive others, as it is only when we forgive that we can make progress in our relationships with others.


It is important that we are grateful for all that God has given us, and that we appreciate even the small things in life. Being thankful means we can enjoy the lives that we have, while still aiming to achieve.


We need people around us that we know we can rely on to support us and be there for us. Having this value at our core means that everything we do can be built upon because we trust each other to do our best for ourselves and for others.


In this term, our value is TRUST. Trust Icon

In our download section, you can find our 'Value in Focus' newsletter. These are full of fun things to do together as a family.

Each issue includes:

  • TALK ABOUT - A short introduction and questions to discuss together.
  • READ TOGETHER - A version of a key Bible story for each value.
  • WORDS OF WISDOM - A wise saying to think about and reflect upon.
  • FASCINATING FACTS - Facts and figures to amaze and marvel at.
  • FAMILY FOCUS - A fun activity to involve all the family,
  • HOME-SCHOOL CHALLENGE - Something creative to make for the Value Challenge Gallery.
  • HALL OF FAME - An inspirational character who has demonstrated the value.


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